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Products Catalogue

Masterbatches for Plastics and elastomers
Colormaster Service EEC Colour and additive masterbatches for film, extrusion and moulding
Bekaert® EEC Stainless Steel Fiber masterbatches for Shielding and ESD applications
FerroBatch EEC Masterbatch colori Monopigmento
FerroBlack® EEC Engineering High-tech Black masterbatches and Conductive compounds
FerroMilk® EEC White masterbatch for LDPE, SAN, POM, PET, PETG
Graftabond™ EEC MAH-GMA Grafted polyolefins for glass filled PA & PP and HFFR wire&cable compounds
Graftalloy™ EEC Block co-polymers LD-PS / LD-SAN / PP-SAN / EB-PS / EB-SAN
Graftamid™ EEC Block co-polymers EBA - PA6 - PA6.6 - PA46 - PA12
Graftalen™ EEC Increasing melt stregth and stability of PE&PE
FerroFlam® Br-MB EEC Brominated Flame-Retardant masterbatches e ATO Free
FerroFlam® HF-MB China Halogen Free Flame-Retardant masterbatches
FerroFlam® RP-MB China Red Phosphorous Halogen Free Flame Retardant masterbatches
Uniflam China Antimony Trioxide and Zinc Borate masterbatches - Antimony Free Masterbatch
FerroStab-UV EEC UV Stabilizer - UV Absorber masterbatches Film and Fiber grade
FerroStab -AO EEC Process & Long Term Antioxidant masterbatches Film and Fiber grade


China High tech Lubricant - Antiwear - Flame-Retardant masterbatches
FerroLube® EEC High tech Lubricant Molybdenum Disulfide - Graphite - PTFE MB
FerroSlip EEC Hot slip - Fast & Slow Slip - High & Medium Slip masterbatches
FerroStat® EEC Antistatic masterbatch for LDPE and PP film, XPS, PVC
FerroBlock EEC Synthetic & Natural Silca antiblocking masterbarches
FerroCell® EEC Exothermic Foaming agent masterbatches
Ferrofoam® EEC Endothermic Foaming agent masterbatches
FerroClear EEC Clarifying and nucleant masterbatches for PP
FerroCling EEC PIB & APP Cling and Tackifier masterbatches
Ferroxide & FerroFlow EEC BPDH / BIPB Fluidizer Peroxide masterbatches
FerroCure EEC DCP/BIPB/BPDH crosslinking peroxide masterbatches
MetPro EEC Anticorrosion Masterbatch for Blown - Cast - Stretch VCI film and skin
FerroSan EEC Antimicrobial Masterbatch and Paste for LDPE - PP - PVC - PS
FerroParfum EEC Fragrance Masterbatches and Odour Absorber for LDPE - PVC - EVA - TPE - TPU
Odor-Free EEC Odour absorber Masterbatches for LDPE - PVC - EVA - TPE
Atmer® Croda EEC Antifog - Antistatic - Lubricant - Cell stabilizer concentrates
FerroSilver EEC Aluminium pigment Glitter - Sparkling - Luster effect masterbatches
HydroStab EEC Hydro Stabiliser MB for PET - TPU - PA
MB Colori e Additivi per PET EEC Slip/Antiblocking, HFFR, UV Absorber, MB for PET

Additives for Plastics and Elastomers
Croda Polymers EEC Antifog - Antistatic - Slip or Antiblocking - Cell stabilizers Additives
Odor-Free EEC Additives for plastics to eliminate bad odours coming from amine, hydrosulfides, aldehydes, etc.
FerroPhos India HF-FR Inorganic Metal Phosphinates, White Phosphorus
FerroBrom® China Brominated Flame-Retardant Additives
FerroFlam® China APP - Melamine - Sulphone Halogen Free Flame-Retardant Additives
Unicell KOR Exothermic Foaming agents and Activators
FerroFoam® serie C EEC Endothermic Foaming agents and Nucleants for XPS
FerroFlex China Sulfonamides and Sulphone Plasticizers
FerroFlon EEC PTFE micropowder as Lubricant and Antidripping agents
Siliconlube Cina Resina Polissilossanica in polvere ad azione Lubrificante, Antigraffio, Antiusura, Antifiamma, Riduttore di Fumo
Carbon Black China Gas and furnace carbon black high Jet and HAF

PETG Resins and Elastomers
Skygreen KOR SkygreenPETG - PCTG and Skypet BR: transparent resins for Blow moulding, Extrusion and Injection moulding.
Skypel KOR Polyesters Elastomers for Extrusion, Blow moulding, Injection moulding, Impact Modifier for Technopolymers.
Skypura KOR Skypura PCT high performance engineering plastic with excellent thermal stability, toughness and fast crystallization
Ecozen® KOR Bio co-polyester Eco-Frendly with excellent thermal and chemical resistance.
Graftapor™ EEC Microporous polymer LLDPE – PP – EVA – EBA – PS - SEBS


Dieblast EEC Plastics micropellets for Sand-blasting and Cryogenic deflashing products in rubber and thermosetting.
Clean X EEC Compound for bleeding and cleaning machinery.
Novoclean EEC Cleaning liquid agent for screw cleaning, polymer and colour change.